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Mobile menorah brings Hanukah message to Southern Colorad

Bea Karnes

Colorado Springs


This is the second evening of Hanukah. A local rabbi is sharing the message of the holiday in a rather unique way. Rabbi Moshe Liberow and members of Chabad  Lubavitch are taking two mobile menorahs around Southern Colorado to share their culture with the broader community.

The rabbi said he is obliged by scripture to share the miracle of Hanukah with as many people as possible. "There are a lot of people to be reached, all over the place, all over city, all over the region," said Liberow. "The Hanukkah message, to kindle the warmth, the idea of sharing the miracles and sharing the idea of religious freedom and religous celebration, which we're so blessed to be in a country like America."

A Shabbat Hanukah Retreat will be held this Friday and Saturday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Colorado Springs. The candle lighting will take place at 4 pm, followed by a service and dinner.