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Step 1. Connecting the Feet

Put the Menorah over the car, to see which hole to put the feet into. To keep the Menorah on tight and secure, It is crucial that the feet be mounted on the outer-most possible hole - closest to the edge of the car. (Even if the Menorah will not be even on both sides, i.e. one foot in the 2nd hole and one in the 3rd.) It is ok, if the roof of the car is curved, to put the feet on an angle.

Connect the feet to the crossbar, using enclosed 1/4" X 2" screw and lock nut.


Step 2. Connecting the Rubber Pads

Place a rubber pad onto the bottom of each foot. Make sure the roof is clean beneath each foot to prevent scratching of painted surfaces.


Step 3. Hook Placement

First find the place that the hooks will hook onto. Since not all cars are the same in this regard, look at the pictures for examples of different places where the hook can hook onto. Some cars have more than one option. Find where the spot will be for your car and engage the hooks on both sides.







Step 4. Tightening the Straps

Alternately tighten straps as tight as possible on both sides until Car Menorah is securely attached to roof. It might be necessary to hold onto the hook with one hand while tightening with the other hand.

Knot the excess strap (as seen in picture.) Failing to do this can cause the Menorah to get loose while driving on the highway.



Easy Strap Installation

Follow steps 1 and 2 of the regular installation.

Step 3. Easy Strap Installation

Start at the driver side. Feed the Easy Strap through the molded foot which is under the bar and back out through the slot in the foot.

Open driver side door, bring strap into car and back out through the passenger door.

This time start feeding the strap through the molded slot and then back through the underside of bar.

You don't need the standard straps and hooks so take them off and skip steps 3 and 4 of the regular installation.




Step 4. Securing Easy Strap

Attach the two ends using the clasp. Make sure you are feeding the end into the bottom of the clasp rather than the top. To test that you've done it right, give the strap a tug. It should not slip or move at all.

Pull the end of the strap as tight as possible as if you are in a tug-of-war. It is very important that it is extremely tight. When it is as tight as possible, knot the excess strap. The strap will now form two half circle around the roof of your car.

By option two, the strap will make one full circle.





Step 5. Connecting the Power

Bring the wire into the car. Plug the lighter plug into the cigarette lighter. There is NO need during Chanukah to pull the lighter plug out of the cigarette lighter. Use the switch instead.



Step 6. Inserting Bulbs

Shut the switch off. (The white dot should be up.) Falling to shut the switch may cause the Car Menorah's fuse to blow. When the switch is off, insert the bulb by pushing down and turning clockwise. Make sure that whenever you add a bulb the Menorah is off.




Changing Fuse

If a fuse blows, remove the tip of the lighter plug by turning it counter-clockwise and replace the fuse with a 7 1/2 Amp glass fuse. Fuses can be found on our accessories page or you can get one from any automotive store.

If you have pulled the straps out of the feet and you want to put them back in...


Follow Figure A and Figure B.