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Traveling Chanukah Menorah Lights up Bend Area

by Bend Weekly News Sources Published: December 15, 2007



Chabad Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman, his wife Mimi, and son Mendel will celebrate the Festival of Chanukah by traveling around the Bend area with a Menorah mounted on their car. They will begin their Chanukah journey on Monday, December 18, the third day of Chanukah and continue through Thursday, December 21.

Chanukah, the Jewish Festival celebrating the liberation and rededication of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, begins at sundown Friday, December 15 and concludes Saturday, December 23. The festival is marked by lighting an eight-pronged candelabrum called a Menorah, or Chanukiah, commemorating the symbol of victory of a small Jewish army against a vastly oppressive regime.
On the first evening of Chanukah, one candle is lit. Two candles are lit on the second night, and so on, until the eighth night of Chanukah when all eight candles of the Menorah are lit.
“We start with one candle, enough for the initial expulsion of darkness,” says Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman. “Each day we go a step further in brightening our lives with another candle, until the light reaches its ultimate goal; to completely dispel the darkness.”
To light up the darkness, the Feldmans will be traveling with their “car Menorah” from Drake Park to the shopping centers, downtown to the ski resorts, and everywhere in between. Wherever you are, you won't miss them. When you see the Menorah, the Rabbi invites everyone to stop by for a Chanukah souvenir.

For more information, contact Rabbi Feldman by phone at 718-915-0784, or by email to